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Compact termographic cameras



LTE-80 thermal imaging camera offers a broad range of applications across a number of different industries from automotive industry to fire prevention in industries, they provide an instant and contact less diagnosis of temperature.

Thermal imagers are required in applications where temperature of a certain area needs to measured. High resolution, like 640×480 pixels /384×288 pixels, is not always needed in industrial applications. Sometimes we just need to identify faults. So AST LTE-80 ,80×64 pixels, is the most economical solution.

Model Spectral range
Temperature range
LTE-80 8 µm to 14 µm 0 ºC to 500 ºC (higher range up to 1000 ºC) 80 x 64

AST-LTE 80 can be used for the following applications:

  • Cement Kiln
  • Fire prevention
  • Automotive Industry
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electronic Industry
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Packing Industry
  • Food Inspection
  • Paper Industry
  • Steel Ladle Monitoring


LTE-160 is a medium resolution thermal camera, with 30Hz frame rate, multi functions and wide temperature measurement range. It provides ultimate inspection tools and unprecedented easy-to use designs to fit your needs. Like quality control, process monitoring or process automation. The device is durable, robust and suitable for industrial continuous operation.

It can display thermal video, provide continues thermal output without loss and no appreciable time delay in I/O cards. Multiple clients PC upto 4 can also be configured to view thermal video at different locations through LAN.

Model Spectral range
Temperature range
LTE-160 8 µm to 14 µm 0 ºC to 500 ºC (higher range up to 1000 ºC) 160 x 120


The CG series thermal cameras of our brand is represented by COX and are used for radiometric (thermography) application and measuring temperature of objects.

They are applied for fire protection/detection, preventive maintenance, intrusion detection, temperature and temperature distribution measurement for process control and other application. This series of cameras are with latest uncooled thermal detectors with high thermal sensitivity offering high image quality.

Below is the detail specification by temperature range and wavelength of camera CG320 and CG 640:

Radiometric models    
Resolution 384x288 640x480
Spectral range 8-14 µm 8-14 µm
Temperature detection mode
Medical temperature range 20℃-50℃ 20℃-50℃
Normal temperature range 20℃-120℃ 20℃-120℃
Medium temperature range            0℃-300℃ 0℃-300℃
High temperature range 0℃-500℃ 0℃-500℃
Pixel pitch 17 µm 17 µm

Thermal image analysis

All CG series thermography models are supplied with PC software for simple analysis based on raw thermal chamber temperature data over Ethernet.

The thermal image analyzer on the PC receives unprocessed temperature data from all pixels via Ethernet from the camera connected to the PC, and analyzes the temperature data in various ways as desired by the user.

The user can configure the ROI (Region of interest) in different patterns to analyze only in the ROI or to exclude a specific area of the scene, and the thermal imager creates an alarm signal and reproduces the wave file or frame of the image that shines as a whole. Two alarm relays can be configured, the outputs are available from the camera and can be viewed from the PC.