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Incineration plants

For the sector of incineration plants Ibertronix has three systems based on infrared thermography and a system for viewing the interior of the raw material.

In the first place it is very important to control in the incinerator plants the possible fires derived from hot spots inside the garbage. For this Ibertronix has the fire detection system WBFDS (Waste Bunker Fire Detection System) that allows to prevent and detect through the thermographic cameras the possible conats of fires.

Thanks to its rotating system allows to obtain large fields of vision and control through the software specially designed for each plant different cameras making the WBFDS a fundamental tool for the safety in the incineration plants.

Once the raw material is introduced it is important to have several vision cameras that allow visualizing the status inside the oven before introducing the raw material in the incineration process. For this we use the vision cameras of our representative Sobotta Gmbh.

In order to control the production in the furnace, thermographic cameras with flame filter are used to visualize and control the temperatures in the incineration process.

In this way and through the software we can control the incineration time avoiding an excess of time in the incineration and also a too fast load that does not allow a correct incineration of the material.

Normally the ovens used in the incineration of waste are grill ovens but we also have a system specially designed for grate ovens.

To obtain the best possible performance of the incineration furnaces it is very important that the flames are tuned. For this application Ibertronix through its represented Dias Infrared and CMV offers its customers the system based on the infrared measurement of CO2 fumes to make a thermal map of the tuning of the incineration flames. The system is based on pyrometers with special wavelength for C02 and in the software developed by CMV.