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Iron and steel industry

Temperature control is fundamental in iron and steel plants. Due to the high temperatures required by the processes in these plants, the contact probes are a great expense, so the remote temperature reading by infrared is an essential work tool.

Ibertrónix offers a wide range of optical pyrometers, fixed and portable thermographic cameras, with special wavelengths to work in this type of environment and for the measurement of materials up to 3000 ºC.

There are different points in the manufacture of steels where the use of our infrared measurement systems is susceptible:

In the rolling mills.

In the manufacture of turns.

Or in the manufacture of billet.

In all these points of application Ibertrónix has carried out installations that demonstrate the reliability of its infrared measuring equipment in high temperatures.

For any point of measurement of the metallurgical plants, apart from the fixed systems, Ibertrónix offers its customers the portable camera PYROVIEW 480N that is designed with a wavelength of 0.8 to 1.1 microns and offers a real reading at high temperatures and avoid the errors produced in the readings with thermographic cameras of wavelength from 8 to 14 microns, where the error is around 11%.

Ibertronix also has thermographic cameras that allow the measurement inside the steel furnaces.

We also have facilities for the interior of rolling mills.

With excellent results in the quality of the obtained images.