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Technical service

We perform a complete technical service of the vision and thermographic systems. From the installation of new systems, going through a periodic maintenance of the installed systems and even carrying out repair of the systems installed by our represented brands Dias Gmbh, Sobotta Gmbh and CMV Systems Gmbh.

Taking advantage of our knowledge and infrastructure, we also carry out the repair of thermographic and vision systems of other manufacturers. Being able to perform mechanical or electrical repairs in situ until the replacement of vision cameras, optics and the modification of existing vision systems to achieve the best resolution for each type of installation.


We carry out the installation of the systems for new manufacturing ovens or kilns with the process in progress, being able to carry out the installations in cold or hot conditions.

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We carry out the maintenance of installations of systems of vision for interior of furnaces as of thermographic systems.

Checking the connections, electrical panels, mechanical installations or readjusting the software for the parameterization of the equipment and data capture.

We also perform the calibration of thermographic systems. Carrying out the disassembly and assembly before and after the calibration of the cameras.

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We carry out the repair and modification of our systems as well as the vision and thermographic systems for interior of ovens of other manufacturers.

We have a long list of spare parts for visualization and thermographic systems of all types of manufacturers. Modifying and improving the accessories and elements that have become obsolete or that have to be replaced by last generation elements that improve the performance of their facilities.

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