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Termographic systems for ovens

In some applications a greater information of the processes inside the furnace is required and a complete temperature map is required, in this way we can obtain in real time data such as temperature of the material to be heated or melted, refractory temperatures or flame temperatures . With our thermographic systems it is possible to obtain this data, offering our customers complete control of the furnace interior, maximizing performance and ostensibly reducing energy costs.

Using the same technology as the visualization systems, we offer thermographic systems for the interior of complete furnaces. From the electrical control panel, pipes and wiring cables, mechanical anchors and software that allows the capture of the data obtained and also allows the control of the oven through a card inputs and outputs.

The thermographic cameras installed inside the refrigerated housing are manufactured and calibrated by our brand represented DIAS INFRARED GMBH.

We offer two types of cameras for thermographic systems depending on the measurements to be made and the environment inside the oven.


In the case of having an environment without much smoke and dust and where the flame does not affect the field of vision of the camera, we use wavelengths of 0.8 to 1.1 μm in our thermographic systems

The 768N cameras offer a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels and temperature measurements from 600 to 3000 ºC.

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PYROINC 3,9 µm. Reading through flame.

In other cases it is not possible to correctly visualize the interior of the ovens because there are suspended particles, smoke or flames that prevent correct and direct visualization and that is why other thermographic systems are necessary.

Then we can see an image (the left) where in a furnace you can not see anything with a normal video camera, in the right image we can see the grid of the oven thanks to the thermal cameras with a wavelength of 3.9 microns.

To be able to perform measurements in this type of aggressive environments, Ibertronix offers, thanks to the equipment developed by its brand represented by CMV Systems Gmbh, thermographic systems to visualize and take temperatures through flames and furnaces with a lot of smoke or particles in suspension. This is achieved thanks to thermal imaging cameras with special wavelengths of 3.9 μm.