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Vision systems

Vision systems

We adapt to the needs of our customers by offering our brand represented Sobotta Gmbh a wide range of solutions to adapt our equipment to the needs of each type of oven:

Vision cameras with retractable system

Fixed view cameras

Different sizes of housings in both length and diameter from Ø30 to Ø109 mm

Different optics to visualize each type of furnace depending on its dimensions

Probes cooled by water or by air depending on the installation.

The installed systems include all the necessary components for a complete installation, from the electrical cabinet, through the system of pipes and wiring to make the connections and cooling of the chamber to the anchoring elements to the oven, offering our customers a complete solution .

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Ibertronix also offers endoscopy systems for customers who want to perform inspections inside the oven in areas where continuous viewing systems have no field of vision.

The endoscopies offer our clients a complete visualization inside the oven and thus allows us to anticipate possible reconstructions inside the oven, thus extending the useful life of the oven.

The systems of endoscpias of our represented brand Sobotta offer a wide range of optics and accessories that allow to visualize any point inside the oven.

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