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Color Sensor – Ibertronix Color Meters and Opacity Sensors

Color meters

A color sensor, or meter, is a sensor that is capable of recognizing the colors of a surface, as well as the luminosity of objects. The color sensor emits light and then detects how much of that light is reflected from an object, as well as the intensity of that light from certain colors such as red, blue, and green, allowing the sensor to determine the color of the object. that you are analyzing.

Color meters are used for different industrial applications in sectors such as packaging, quality control, labeling and even painting and printing tasks.

On the other hand, opacity sensors make it possible to determine both the color of an object and its opacity thanks to transmitted light and detecting its reflection.

Color and opacity sensors Ibertronix

PR0126-C Color sensor

The PR0126-C color sensor can be used to perform the most demanding industrial color detection applications. The system sets standards in resolution and color stability. Safe mapping and differentiation of the smallest color differences is ensured by tolerance specifications in the L*a*b* color space. The parallel detection of the color channels as well as the special measurement procedure lead to a very good compensation of environmental influences.

PR0128 Color sensor

The Color Sensor PR0128 is a color detection system with an integrated high power light source to determine the color of the surface. It is characterized by the identification of the smallest color nuances and the highest long-term stability. Here, up to 63 completely different products in different colors can be independently controlled and tested without changing parameters or gain levels.

PR0120 Opacity and color sensor

The opacity and color sensor allows you to test the color and opacity of products reliably and with long-term stability. The system is divided into a powerful electronic measurement section (PR0120) and a highly stable light source (PR0108). The measurement range for transmitted light opacity is 0 to 5 (OD0 to OD5). Using reflection, the system uses the color space with a long-term stability of <0.2. The measurement circuit works together with the intelligent light source with a sampling frequency of 2 KHz. The availability of different optics allows a high variability in the application.

PR0086-S Color Checker

The Color Checker PR0086-S is an online color measurement system tuned for high absolute color accuracy. Factory color calibration uses an absolute calibrated reference spectrometer. Absolute accuracy for all colors is an average of ~1.6 dE. Relative accuracy, even between systems, is less than +/-0.5 dE. Using factory or user calibration, absolute values that are equal to spectrometers can be achieved.