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  • Oven camera

    Thermographic and vision systems for ovens interior

  • Portable termographic cameras

  • Rotary kiln

    Thermographic systems for exterior rotary kilns

  • Acoustic camera for leak detection

  • Metal industry

    Infrared measurement and vision systems in the metal industry

  • Gas industry

    Infrared measurement and vision systems in the glass industry

  • Fire detection

    Fire detection systems

  • Moisture meter

    Infrared moisture meters

Technical service

Installation and commissioning

We perform the installation of the equipment and systems supplied.


We perform preventive maintenance of installed systems.

Calibration and repair

Experts in pyrometer calibration, repair of equipment, infrared pyrometers, vision of any manufacturer will be at your disposal for any incident.


We have a complete range of products: infrared humidity meter and sensor, pyrometers for ovens, optical pyrometers, fixed pyrometers, portable pyrometers, contact..., fixed thermographic cameras, linear thermographic cameras, portable thermal imaging cameras..., thermographic cameras for indoor ovens and thermography systems, fire detection, incinerators

Optical pyrometers

Termographic cameras

Cameras for ovens interior

Termographic systems

Humidity meters


Thanks to the collaboration with leading brands in the market of infrared measurements and vision systems - such as Dias Infrared Gmbh, Sobota Gmbh, CMV Systems Gmbh and Flir Commercial Systems Inc - Ibertronix has a wide range of equipment that covers the needs of various sectors, offering its customers a complete solution for their needs in remote temperature measurement systems and vision inside ovens such as our infrared windows.

Aluminum and zinc recycling

Cement manufacture

Electrical & mechanical maintenance

Energy generation

Flat glass manufacture



Glass container manufacture

Incineration plants

Induction heating

Iron and steel industry

Plaster plate manufacture