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Fire detection

Fire detection systems with thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect possible fires in large areas where smoke detectors are not applicable, such as in outdoor areas.

For this type of installation, the use of thermal imaging cameras is absolutely necessary. That is why Ibertrónix, together with Dias Ingrared Gmbh, has developed the FDS (Fire Detection System) system based on the use of the infrared cameras of Dias Infrared PYROVIEW 380L protection and using a software for data capture and analysis of zones where some parameters are parameterized. alarms and pre-alarms in the areas that you want to control.

The PYROVIEW 380L protection camera can be installed in a fixed way or with a rotating head system, thus allowing control of zones in the 380 º rotation.

The FDS software is designed to combine different cameras and be able to select and control each of them in automatic or manual mode from the control panel.

Although the use of FDS systems is normally carried out in outdoor locations and since smoke detectors are not applicable, they are also used in indoor applications such as recycling plants.

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