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About Us

Ibertronix Infrared & Vision S.L. is an engineering company specialized in temperature measurement using thermographic systems and infrared pyrometers as well as in the visualization oven’s, furnace or klin’s interior. We work with the leading brands in the sector to be able to offer our clients the solution that best suits their needs. In infrared measurements, we have point infrared measurement system, both fixed and portable, as well as thermographic cameras to suit all applications. We also have developed systems for specific applications, the result of years of experience in the field of infrared measurement, in several sectors: cement, manufacture of glass containers, manufacture of flat glass, metal manufacturing sector in both forge and foundries or iron and steel industry.

We also carry out the sale, installation and repair of thermographic and visualization systems as well as the camera installation inside combustion chambers in different sectors: cement, glass manufacturing, iron and steel, ceramics, incinerators, biomass plants and power generation.

In our workshops we perform pyrometer calibration and repair of video systems for existing furnaces, giving our customers a technical service of proximity and high quality.

Likewise, Ibertronix carries out the commercialization, installation and maintenance of installations with thermal imaging cameras such as systems for the detection of fires or thermographic systems for infrared measurement on the outside of rotary kilns.

Ibertronix offers a complete solution for the needs of our customers in infrared temperature measurement and in vision and thermographic systems for indoor furnaces offering the equipment that best suits each need to the technical services of repair, repair, calibration and assembly of the systems.