Termographic cameras

Thermographic cameras are used for non-contact temperature measurement and for displaying temperature distribution maps in 2D with high thermal resolution for moving or fixed objects.
Ibertronix has a wide range of thermographic cameras, both fixed for industrial use as well as for R & D, we also have linear thermographic cameras for industrial processes where a material passes at high speed and higher sampling frequencies are needed than with a thermal imager conventional. Our brand represented DIAS INFRARED offers thermographic cameras with different types of wavelengths for measurements in different types of materials and temperature ranges.
There is also the possibility to choose between different resolutions and types of housings to select the equipment that best suits each application and need. For portable thermal imaging cameras we work with the FLIR brand, a world leader in the thermographic camera sector and offering a wide range of measurement temperature ranges as different resolutions.
We also offer infrared windows to facilitate the work of maintenance technicians being able to install the infrared windows in the electrical cabinets and avoiding that the technicians have to open the cabinets whenever they make the inspection route thus avoiding possible occupational risks by not being in contact direct with the power cabinets and reducing the time in maintenance inspections.