Portable optical pyrometers

Portable optical pyrometers cover a wide range of possibilities. From measurements in applications for low temperature with our series of optical pyrometers T54 and T56 up to measurements of more than 3000 ºC for applications in steelworks or stained glass.

All series of portable pyrometers allow to connect to PC to download the recorded temperature measurements.

Pyrospot Series 80

PYROSPOT portable series pyrometers 80 withstand temperatures up to 3000 ° C under the harsh conditions of heavy industry. They can reach any point of measurement with the portable equipment and work with flexibility. Customized solutions make it possible to adjust hardware and software at any time.

  • These portable pyrometers have fast response times
  • Precision optics with possibility of focus for remote temperature measurement with measurement spots from 0.4 m
  • Vision through a peephole with exact marking of the measuring area
  • Diopter for compensation and protection for sight
  • Optics for measurement in small objects
  • High quality for capturing small objects
  • Rugged aluminum housing with ergonomic hand grip

Pyrometers with incorporated video

In some applications it is not possible to use lasers because the pointer can not be distinguished on materials with a very high luminosity as for example in metal castings. For this DIAS has developed portable pyrometers with embedded video

Model Spectral range Temperature range Optics
DG 80NV 1.5 µm a 1.2 µm 200 °C a 2000 °C 200:1
DS 80NV 0.8 μm a 1.1 μm 550 °C a 2500 °C 200:1
DSR 80NV 0.8 μm/1.1 μm 600 °C a 1800 °C 200:1