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Optical pyrometers

The pyrometers for ovens of Dias Infrared are compact, fast, simple to install, robust and precise. A vast selection of optics and measuring fields allows you to select the instrument that best suits each type of application. The measurement ranges of these oven pyrometers range from -40 to 3000 ºC. The different series of optical pyrometers are differentiated by temperature ranges, interfaces, housings and wavelengths. Each pyrometer has its respective accessories for its adjustment to the application and its integration in the systems.
All our pyrometer models for ovens have standard outputs 0/4 to 20 mA linear to temperature. They also have USB or RS485 interfaces isolated galvanically at home. The RS485 interface uses the Modbus RTU as the data protocol. Optical pyrometers with this interface can be integrated without any problems in existing bus systems and process control.

Fixed optical pyrometers

Portable optical pyrometers

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