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Rotary ovens

Ibertronix Infrared & Visión S.L., after the commercial agreement with the German company CMV Systems Gmbh, offers its customers the KMS (Kiln Monitoring System) system. The system has the function of making a thermal map of the outside of the ferrule of the rotary kilns, allowing to detect any hot spot and have a control of the furnace state, thus getting to have a deeper knowledge of the operation of the furnace and a prediction in real time of the possible predictive maintenance to be carried out, thus achieving to reduce the costs in repairs and production stops caused by them.

The system is based on the use of thermal imagers from Dias Infrared Gmbh and software developed by CMV Systems Gmbh.

The system includes the installation of the PC and the cabinet with the connections of inputs and outputs for the different alarms, connections with the thermal imager and reception of system signals as the signal of the rotation sensor.

In this way we offer a complete solution for the control and maintenance of the state of the refractory in the rotary kilns.