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In the process of continuous casting in foundries it is necessary to know the temperatures of each piece to achieve an exhaustive quality control since in many cases these castings will be used in the automotive sector.

Normally the temperature measurement is carried out with a thermocouple probe for each casting. This gives an approximate idea of ​​the temperature of the pieces but this temperature varies greatly from the beginning to the end of the casting.

To solve this problem, Ibertronix has created the CSTM (Casting Stream Temperature Measurement) system together with its represented Dias Infrared achieving great results in the installation of infrared pyrometers for the application of the temperature measurement of each piece in continuous casting furnaces.

The system is based on the use of a DSR44N pyrometer.

The pyrometer is connected to a box where the pyrometer data is received and sent to the PC where a temperature calculation is performed and the data that are not real and unwanted temperature peaks are eliminated.

In this way, by filtering the undesired temperatures, a temperature reading is obtained for each manufactured part.

The temperatures obtained for each piece are recorded in a register for the quality control of the manufactured parts and the last reading obtained is sent to a display.