Portable termographic cameras

Ibertronix has a wide range of portable thermal imaging cameras available to its customers thanks to its contract to distribute the cameras of its represented FLIR.

The FLIR portable thermographic cameras are essential tools for electricians and maintenance technicians. With them you can see the problems as with any other technology, as well as inspect equipment quickly and make accurate measurements of temperature at a safe distance. FLIR portable thermal cameras help identify impending problems before they damage people, cause stops or waste energy.

Large number of applications.

FLIR portable thermal imaging cameras have many fields of application in companies and this favors the rapid return of the investment made in them. Most electrical and mechanical devices overheat before they break down, so spotting these problems in advance provides the opportunity to make repairs on time rather than urgently. But there are many other areas in which these portable thermal imaging cameras can be used in order to save money. One of them is the detection of damages on roofs caused by water, but they are also really effective in the control of processes and energy losses. Visit FLIR.com and the Infrared Training Center (ITC) to learn more about the applications.

Series FLIR TG165/TG130

The portable thermographic cameras T130 and T165 offer a low cost tool for thermographic measurements.

  • Measuring range from -35 to 380ºC
  • Response time 150 ms
  • Sampling frequency of 9 Hz

Series FLIR Ex (E4, E5, E6 y E8)

What do the portable thermographic cameras E4, E5, E6 and E8 offer?

  • Measuring range from -20 to 250 ºC
  • IR resolutions adapted to each application. Choose from the 4800 pixel resolution of the E4 to the impressive 320 quality. 240 of the E8.
    • E4 - (80 x 60 pixels) 4800 pixels Very affordable MSX images.
    • E5 - (120 x 90 pixels) 10 800 pixels Hot spot or high efficiency automatic cold spot.
    • E6 - (160 x 120 pixels) 19 200 pixels
    • E8 - (320 x 240 pixels) 76 800 pixels. Four times the resolution of an E6.
  • MSX Recognize trouble spots instantly by looking at thermal images with visible camera details such as numbers, signals, labels and other identifiable features.
  • Reliable results Resolution around 2% or +/- 2 °C.

Series FLIR Exx (E40, E50 y E60)

What the E40, E50 and E60 portable thermal imaging cameras offer

  • Measuring range from -20 to 650 ºC
  • IR resolutions adapted to each application.
    • E40 - (160 x 120 pixels) 19,200 pixels
    • E50 - (240 x 180 pixels) 43,200 pixels
    • E60 - (320 x 1240 pixels) 76,800 pixels
  • MSX Recognize trouble spots instantly by looking at thermal images with visible camera details such as numbers, signals, labels and other identifiable features.
  • Reliable results. Resolution around 2% or +/- 2 °C.
  • Measurement frequency of 60 Hz
  • 3.5 "screen

Series FLIR T4xx (T420 y T440)

What the T440 and T460 portable thermal imaging cameras offer

IR resolutions of 76 800 pixels for the T420 and T440 models (320 x 240 pixels)

Temperature ranges from -20 to 650 ºC for the T420 and -20 to 1200 ºC for the T440.

IR images of superior quality. High resolution thermal resolution at 76 800 pixels that achieves better precision at greater distance.

Advanced optics. The broadest catalog of optional lenses for portable thermal imaging cameras, designed to meet the visualization and dot size needs of any application.

Series FLIR T6xx (T600, T620 y T640)

What the T600, T620 and T640 cameras offer

  • IR resolutions of 172 800 pixels (480 x 360) for the T600 model and 307 200 pixels (640 x 480) for the T620 and T640 models
  • Temperature ranges from -40 to 650ºC for the T600 and -40 to 2000ºC for the T620 and T640.
  • IR images of maximum resolution. Sharp thermal images of 172 800 pixels (480 x 360) on the T600 models and crisp thermal images of 307 200 pixels (640 x 480) on the T620 and T640 models.
  • Advanced optics. A catalog of optional lenses, such as our new 7 ° light telephoto lens that provides a higher level of clarity, precision and portability to images taken at height and distance.


Based on many years of experience in the development of portable thermal imaging cameras, DIAS INFRARED has developed the first portable thermographic camera specially designed for high temperature measurements.

Using a silicon detector the camera allows measurements in a temperature range of 600 to 1500 °C optional from 1400 to 3000 °C. The portable equipment has a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and a sampling frequency of 25 Hz. The thermographic images are displayed on a touch screen.

Keep in mind that most portable thermal imaging cameras work at a wavelength of 8 to 14 microns, this length works properly for temperatures up to approximately 600 or 700 °C. Above these temperatures the spectral range of 8 to 14 microns offers an error of 11%, so at 1200 °C the error would be around 140 °C, so the new camera PYROVIEW 480N offers a resolution suitable for measurements with portable thermographic cameras at high temperatures.