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Aluminum and zinc recycling

In the recycling of zinc it is very important to have the maximum control of the state of the rotary kiln and the material that is being manufactured inside. For this it is very important to have information both from the outside and inside it.

To obtain an external control of the furnace temperature, we have the KMS systems (Kiln monitoring system) that offers a temperature map of the outside of the rotary kiln.

Thanks to the different resolutions of the thermographic cameras and the different optics, we can adjust to the needs of each oven and the final positioning of the cameras.

In this way, we will obtain a thermal map of the temperatures outside the oven and thanks to its 3D visualization system we can see the state of the refractory throughout the whole.

In the same way, it is very important to be able to visualize what is happening inside the oven.

In the aluminum and zinc recycling process, the environment inside the furnace is very aggressive, so that conventional vision probes would not offer any vision of the interior.

To solve this problem, thermographic cameras are used with a special wavelength that allows to visualize through the particles in suspension, smoke and flames offering a clear image of the interior of the oven and its temperatures.

Aluminum recycling ovens, both fixed and mobile, also need to know the condition of the furnace interior to have control of processes and maximize performance.