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Detection of fever in public places with thermal imaging cameras

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that spreads by coming in contact with an infected person. This new virus, which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, causes fever and respiratory problems, so it is very important to separate people with fever from others in airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts, sports stadiums and others. public areas where there are a lot of people coming and going.

To combat this new virus, Ibertronix offers a cost-effective and efficient thermographic fever detection method that detects a person with fever in public areas and airports.

Thermal cameras take infrared radiation from objects above the absolute temperature of 0 K and then create images and obtain temperature values, with these values we can detect which person has high temperature in a group of people and then we can separate them to perform more tests.

Fever detection with portable thermal imaging cameras

Portable thermal cameras give the user the freedom to move from one place to another to detect fever and do not require the camera to be connected to a computer to view the temperature.

Portable thermal cameras can be used in places where the epidemic has broken out or if you think a person has infected others and requires rapid detection to control it.

With our fever detection system in public places with thermal imaging cameras you can act quickly and efficiently.

  • Body temperature in real time
  • Resolution 160 x 120 px
  • Accuracy ± 0.5ºC
  • Thermal sensitivity / NETD <50mK
  • Temperature measurement range 30º- 45ºC
  • Detection distance 1 ~ 1.5m
  • Autonomous system
  • Models available with or without PC connection

Fever detection with fixed thermal imaging camera

BT-256 thermal imager without face recognition

It is an ideal camera for the reception of hotels and premises. It has a reduced size and allows a correct reading of temperatures up to a distance of 2 meters. You can get four temperature points within the thermography. It has to be connected to a PC.

It is ideal for entering commercial premises, hotels, restaurants...

  • Accuracy ± 0.5ºC
  • Face detection to filter any hot object from the scene
  • Temperature range 30º ~ 45ºC
  • Detection of up to 4 people
  • Temperature measurement up to 2m
  • Over temperature beep
  • Thermal image capture due to excess temperature
  • USB-A or USB-C connection to PC
  • Plug & play. PC software included
  • Ideal for use as an autonomous system in small shops

FV160 thermal imager with facial recognition

Ideal camera for the entrance of premises. It allows the temperature reading of multiple people and the temperature of the forehead of each one is obtained.

  • IR resolution: 160 X 120 pixels
  • Accuracy ± 0.3ºC
  • 25 x 16º field of view
  • Measurement from 30 to 45 ˚C
  • Up to 3 or 4m away
  • Calibration black body included
  • Thermal sensitivity / NETD ≤ 50 mK
  • In-camera alarm
  • USB connection.
  • System to have the camera close to PC for facial recognition of people
  • Same IP for vision camera and thermal camera

The software includes thermal function + HD camera for body temperature on synchronized display, remote video transmission, automatic alarm capture, acoustic alarm and video recording.
Includes: thermal imager, visual camera, black calibration body, 2 tripods and software.

With the application of thermal cameras for temperature detection we can detect fever in people.

Cox CG320 Thermal Imager without face recognition

The CG320 thermal imager allows temperature measurement in wide spaces with public access. Its different optics offer great versatility to capture images from 0.5 to 30 meters away.

It is an ideal camera to detect fever in wide spaces, it can also be installed outdoors with a protective housing and internal temperature stabilization.

  • Resolution: 384 x 288 pixels.
  • Accuracy ± 0.5 ˚C
  • Field of vision according to detection distance:
    3-7m (8.1mm optics)
    4-9m (13mm optics)
  • Thermal sensitivity / NETD 35 mK.
  • Temperature measurement range 30º- 45ºC
  • Ideal for tripod or wall mounting.

The CG320 camera has been successfully installed at the entrance of large companies, airports and schools.

Cox CF320 Thermal Imager with Face Recognition

It allows temperature measurement in wide spaces with public access. The combination of a thermal imager and a visual camera allows the temperature to be obtained only from people's faces, thus avoiding false alarms in open spaces. Multiple temperatures can be obtained without any limitation.

Accuracy of 0.3 ºC when combined with the option of the calibration body.

  • IR resolution: 384 x 288 pixels.
  • 32 to 45 ˚C measurement
  • Manual focus adjustment with motor (software)
  • Field of view: 44.4˚ x 34˚ with 12mm lens
  • Thermal sensitivity / NETD: 50 mK.
  • Accuracy ± 0.3 ˚C (at 25 ºC in the environment)
  • Includes: ethernet and power cable.
  • Gigabit ethernet coumucication interface
  • 2 direct camera alarm outputs

Includes thermal and visual camera, black calibration body, 2 tripods and software.

FT20 access control systems

The FT20 system allows access control with fever detection and mask. It can be optionally connected to the company network to control worker access. It can be mounted on a wall, with a base or on winches to prevent access by people with high temperatures.

  • Access control
  • Fever detection and mask
  • Facial recognition
  • 22,400 faces, 100,000 registrations
  • TCP / IP, USB operating modes
  • Free VM software included.

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